"Life shrinks or expands in relation to one's courage" Anais Nin

Charges for 3 months coaching with me.

I am committed to providing an accessible service. Coaching is a profoundly useful way of living a fulfilled life which leads to increased happiness and performance.

I charge 1% of your salary or net income up to £70,000. This is for 7 sessions, each up to an hour, over 3 months.

Above £75,000 the charge is 1.25%

I offer up to 2 pro-bono places for people with less than £15,000 income.

Illustration of coaching costs

Income Percentage Minimum charge Maximum charge
<£20000 1% £150 £200
Between £30k and <£35k


1% £300 £350
Between £55k and <£60k


1% £550 £600
Between £75k and <£80k


1.25% £937.50 £1000

For corporate clients – where employers commission coaching for members of staff  – the cost is twice the individual costs. The rationale is that there are two beneficiaries- and additional activity for me as the coach.

Travel and accommodation costs directly linked to delivering coaching are charged at cost.

I do not want my service to be regarded as a luxury, available only to people with “significant” disposable incomes.

You need to be confident in your own worth. My charges are based on the relative value to the coachee, defined financially.

Charges will be discussed during a sample session and agreed following an agreement to work with me.

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own “To Do” list.” Michelle Obama

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